What is SEO?

This can have both a simple and a complex answer. Simply put: SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is a term often used by people who ‘game’ search engines like Google or Yahoo; so that what they want will show up when someone searches for something particular. The people who game the search engines call themselves ‘SEO Professionals’ or other, similar, things. There is almost no regulation or law on what we do and there is nothing directly regulating our activities. In this case ‘we’ refers to everyone who wears some sort of SEO name-tag. Because there are no regulations or laws governing what we do essentially anyone who wants to give it a go can suddenly decided that they are an ‘SEO Pro’.

The complex answer comes in three or four parts.

1) The first involves a web page and a search engine. Search engines-and other information aggregation services-deploy what are called ‘spiders’ to look over the internet and collect data. Most search engines, like Google and Yahoo, have a proprietary system for determining exactly what it is they look for. These spiders report back to the search engine and bring all the data collected with them.

2) The second part is where the search engine breaks down and weighs all of the information about the website. Each piece is considered and counted and by some magic when a person searches for SEO Logan, UT, or SEO Nashville, TN the search engine spits out what it thinks is most relevant. Sometimes people manage to game the search engine for a short time, they place highly for a few days, maybe even a few weeks by methods that are not considered ‘fair’ or ‘natural’. Then the search engine boots them and they disappear and the search engine results page (SERP for short) returns again what it considers to be relevant.

3) Often, and this is the third part, a search engine will change how it ranks websites on its results pages. This causes most ‘SEO Professionals’ headaches because the methods they used stopped working. The search engine found out how they were gaming the system and changed the way things were weighed.

4) Finally, the fourth part, is where actual websites that are ranking come in. And where Wicked Innovations comes in. We are a results based company, we place the results of our labors before all else. Most ‘SEO Professionals’ don’t do this. We guarantee our work will rank a website number one for a targeted search term. If you have any questions about any of this, please do no hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to answer.

With the sales pitch done: we look at what the search engines want, what they are already ranking. We look at some of the best known websites to determine how to build ours. Doing so allows us to give you what you want (a spot on the first page for a given term), and give the search engine’s what they want. Doing so means that mostly the websites we build stay where we put them. When they don’t, we fix it. But that’s for a different page.