• Organization 73%
  • Marketing 84%
  • Consulting 91%
  • Madness 100%


SEO Consultant

Mr. Wicked has been with this place since the start, sometime back in 2007, unless you want to step into his time machine.  Somewhere there is a piece of paper that says Mechanical Engineering on it.  However, his varied past includes real estate development, custom machine design, manufacturing process improvement, small business consulting, product management and marketing, and now this “SEO stuff”.

We aren’t really sure what to call Mr. Wicked most of the time, but he seems to respond to “Joe” at least 4 out of 10 times, so we consider that a victory.  He likes fire, metal, and making your website rank for terms that actually matter.  Once he actually finishes his work with teleportation, time travel, and disease control we aren’t sure where Mr. Wicked will go, but while he’s here you want him on your side.

Sani Golriz
  • Social Media 97%
  • Communications 99%
  • Management 98%
  • Awesome 100%

Sani Golriz

Social Media Manager

Sani Golriz is our social media monster empowering businesses of all sizes to build their brand and revenue. Sani loves social media because a significant portion of the population is using social media to stay connected to friends and businesses. She helps us build communities and heads our reputation management services through a variety of secret social methods. Sani has such a passion for social media, she runs her own social media marketing company in Denver, CO.

Albert Latham
  • SEO 93%
  • Webmaster 82%
  • Planning 97%
  • Client Relations 88%

Albert Latham

SEO Consultant, Webmaster

Albert has been working with us since May 2013. In that time his professionalism and passion for his work has made him a valued member of Wicked Innovations. Having spent 5 years in the U.S. Army, Albert has gained professionalism and communication skills. These skills have combined with his lifelong passion for computers and the internet. From taking apart computers as a child, to re-building them and using them for online gaming as a teen, to incorporating them into a career as an adult, Albert has been passionate about technology throughout his life.

Currently, Albert’s interests have culminated in his contracted work with Wicked Innovations as well as independent work in the SEO field. In addition, he is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Albert is dedicated to personal growth: in learning, business, and life. He is dedicated to all of the people in his life from business acquaintances to close friends, but most of all to his wife. We hope to put his dedication to work for you.