Professional SEO Assistance for Logan, UT

SEO Primer for Logan, UT – Short and sweet.

Who are you?12 - 1

My name is Albert Latham. I live in Logan, go to school in Logan (Go Aggies!), and I hope to thrive here in the years to come. My favorite haunts are Tandoori Oven and Caffe Ibis. None of this matters to you except that I’m human. What matters is that I am devoted to helping small businesses succeed. All of my Search Engine Optimization consultations are free. I won’t change that. Ever.


What can SEO do for you?

Answer: There are quite a few benefits. The first is definitely visibility. If you look at an internet search like a street corner where there are people walking by, only looking for what the corner store has you can begin to appreciate what being ranked first in the search engines can do. It isn’t a question of “are there people looking?” it is a question of “where are people looking?” No matter what you do, and no matter how small or large your business there are people who are looking for exactly what you do, what you have, and they aren’t finding you. The end result of SEO is to get a website, business, effort, etc. found.

Why should you choose us?

Answer: We put you first. In all things you are first in our business. We put you first in the search engines, first in our planning… Our dedication isn’t to the ‘almighty dollar’. Sure, we make money from what we do, but our passion and desire for helping that brings us here, not our desire for money.

What things need to be considered before you come to us?

A: You need to answer a few key questions before we can help you. 1) Do you actually need SEO? Will you benefit from extra traffic or visibility of your website within the search engines?

What is the most important thing you should know about SEO?

A: SEO is about results. It is about ranking websites, increasing social media visibility, and building customer relationships. If you worked with someone who said they did SEO and you saw no results from their efforts… I’ll put it this way: it is like taking your car to the mechanic and asking to have your brakes fixed because they’re squeaking. The mechanic does his work and you pay him and leave with your car. On the way home you notice that the squeaking is still there and that the brakes are just as soft as they were when you took it to the mechanic. He didn’t do anything. He may’ve had lunch. What I mean is this: when you hire someone to do work you want results. We give results. Our entire philosophy, business model, even our billing model is about results.

Our profession is about putting you first in everything we do. Most importantly we put you first in the search engines so that people who look for you can find you. Our best partners are small businesses with fewer than 5 employees. We appreciate all that small businesses do and it is our goal to put you and yours first here in Logan, then in Utah, then across the united states. Don’t believe we can? Search for “SEO logan ut” and see where our website shows up. We’re there because we can rank websites.

For any questions about our services please contact us using the form below. You can also view our stable of successfully ranked websites here.


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