Ranked No. 1 | SeattleRealEstateAgents.org

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Ranked No. 1 | SeattleRealEstateAgents.org

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Seattle Real Estate Agent dot Org is ranked at number one for the search term ‘seattle real estate agents’. It is worth noting that because of the way search engines work its position may have changed since this was posted. Here’s a link so that you can check on its position yourself. Above what is called theĀ ‘organic listings you’ll see Adwords ads. We’ll get to those below.

2013-07-26 15_32_48-seattle real estate agents - Google Search

In order to understand the cost of Adwords, you have to understand how it works. Below you can see the Google Keyword Tool output for our search term. On the left you see [seattle real estate agents]. The brackets tell you that it is an exact match search. That is, people search for exactly that some number of times. To the right you see the word High. This is Google’s estimation of the amount of competition you would have bidding for the ad slots in the above image. To the right of that you see 590: this is the global average monthly volume of exact match searches talked about above. The next number, 480, is the same except that it is for the local search volume instead. The last number is theĀ ‘Cost Per Click’. Every time someone clicks on one of the ads above the advertiser gets charged that amount.

2013-07-26 15_09_06-Google AdWords_seattle_real_estate

To tie everything together I found a recent study that shows that 53% of people searching for something will click on the first link. For Seattle Real Estate Agents dot Org that means about 312 visitors a month. For an Adwords campaign of the same volume it would cost you $1672. Seattle Real Estate Agents dot Org gets that volume of visitors for significantly less money.

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