Ranked No. 1 | SeattleAccountant.net

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Ranked No. 1 | SeattleAccountant.net

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Seattle Accountant dot Net is ranked at number 1 for its search term. It even resides above the local listings. You can see Bader Martin P.S. right below. While its position may have moved since this post, it is worth noting that we charge based on performance; that means for you that you don’t pay us if your website drops from our agreed upon position. Here is a link so that you can go look for yourself and see the website’s position.

2013-07-26 15_29_52-seattle accountant - Google Search

From left to right below you have [seattle accountant] which is the search term. The brackets mean that the values displayed to the right are for the ‘exact match search’. Essentially that means that 210 people globally (after the term ‘High’ below) search for that exact term every month. I got a little ahead of myself; high is the relative competition for a Google Ad Words campaign. The number, 210-as stated above-is the average monthly number of people who search for the term on the left. It is followed by the ‘local searches’ with a value of 170. The last number on the right is the amount it would cost you if you ran an Ad Words campaign and had one of the postings on the right of the image above. In this case $5.69 per click.

2013-07-26 15_11_07-Google AdWords_ seattle accountant

A recent study showed that 53% of people click on the first link. That means roughly 90 people a month visit seattleaccountant.net. If we were to purchase a similar Ad Words campaign, first there is no guaranteeing the price on the right will stay the same (after all, it is based on bidding), and second, it would cost about $510 a month to get the same volume of traffic.

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