Ranked No. 1 | Reno WeddingPhotographers.com

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Ranked No. 1 | Reno WeddingPhotographers.com

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You can see beneath this text a screen shot from one of the more popular (the most popular – 80% of all search engine traffic goes through them) search engines, Google, showing that Reno Wedding Photographers dot Com resides in the number one position for the search term ‘reno wedding photographers’. Here’s a link to those who need to see the website in its natural habitat. To the right is Google’s Maps application, and above and also to the right are advertisements sold through Google’s Adwords program.

2013-07-26 15_31_40-reno wedding photographers - Google Search

Below is an image from Google’s venerable Keyword tool. I say venerable because in a few short months it won’t be available anymore. On the left is the search term in brackets. The brackets denote an ‘exact match’ search. In the next column is the word Medium: that tells us how much competition there is in Adwords for the search term. Next there are the global and local average monthly search terms. And finally there is the cost per click. The cost per click is only a general guestimate on Google’s part because at any time people can be bidding on a term.

A recent study showed that about 53% of people will click on the first link when they are searching for something on Google and on other search engines. Organicly ranked websites don’t have to pay advertising fees. For example: if we use the statistic above and the image below we can guess fairly closely that Reno Wedding Photographers dot Com is getting about 170 visitors a month from this keyword. If you wanted a similar number of visits from an Adwords campaign it would cost $296.

2013-07-26 15_09_52-Google AdWords_reno_wedding_photographer

Our sole purpose in life is to rank those whose websites need to be ranked. To find out more about our services, ask us questions that are still unanswered, or get a free consultation please contact us.

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