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Ranked No. 1 | MilwaukeeChiropractor.org

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Below you can see a screenshot from Google showing Milwaukee Chiropractor dot Org sitting in the number one position for the search term ‘milwaukee chiropractor’. Right below it is the ‘Chiropractor Company’ on Oakland Ave. I do have to mention that the position of Milwaukee Chiropractor dot Org may have moved since this was posted. Hopefully it hasn’t. And so you can check where it is yourself, here is a link for you to click on so that you can see where it is.

2013-07-26 15_31_03-milwaukee chiropractor - Google Search

If you examine the image above closely you’ll notice the advertisements on the right and above what are called the ‘organic listings’. These ads are sold through Google’s Adwords program. You can buy them by bidding on them. This allows Google to adjust the price automatically to what the market will bear. Below is a screenshot of Google’s Keyword tool showing five columns. Column one (on the left) is the search term that we used above. The brackets show that it is what is called an ‘exact match’ search term. The second column shows the bidding competition for the keyword. The third is the global average monthly searches (the average number of times someone searched for ‘milwaukee chiropractor’ exactly), followed by the average monthly local searches. The last column is how much it would cost if you bought one ‘impression’ (a click on one of the ads above would be considered one impression).

2013-07-26 15_10_17-Google AdWords_milwaukee_chiropractor

The bid for this search term is about $2.75. We won’t know for sure unless we actually bid on it. Which we won’t. Here’s why: a recent study showed that the number one position-which happens to be occupied by Milwaukee Chiropractor dot Org-gets roughly 53% of all of the search traffic. For our website that means about 137 people visit the website every month from this search. If we were to buy a comparable number of impressions from Adwords it might cost us almost $379 a month. And that is for just one keyword.

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