Ranked No. 1 | ColoradoSpringsVeterinarians.net

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Ranked No. 1 | ColoradoSpringsVeterinarians.net

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Colorado Springs Veterinarians dot Net sits at number two for the search term “colorado springs veterinarians”. It has been moving from first to second for a while now. Here’s a link so you can check it out. Because of how search engines work it may not be in the same position by the time you read this. Above and to the right you can see advertisements sold through Google’s Adwords engine. We’ll get to those in a moment.

2013-07-26 15_32_23-colorado springs veterinarians - Google Search

The advertisements that Google sells are all priced based on demand; that is, advertisers bid on search terms. Below is a screen capture from Google’s Keyword Tool. It will soon be replaced by the all-new Keyword Planner, but for now it will do. On the far right is about the cost of one click on an advertisement above. Next column left is the local search volume of our selected term above and right next to it is the global search volume. The word ‘high’ tells us that there are a lot of people bidding on this particular search term. On the left is our search term in brackets telling us that the numbers are for what is known as an ‘exact match’ search. An exact match search is when a person searches using that exact term with nothing added. As you can see, lots of people are searching for the same thing.

2013-07-26 18_10_46-Google AdWords_ colorado_springs_vet

A recent study shows that 53% of the people searching for a given term will click on the very first link. This means that Colorado Springs Veterinarian’s dot Net will get about 206 visitors a month from this particular search term. For a similar volume of searches from Adsense it would cost $899 a month. The people that find that first link are likely to trust it more simply because it is not an advertisement. There’s a level of trust that searchers apply to highly ranking websites in the search engines.

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