Local Search Engine Optimization Firm For Hire

SEO That Works

We handle SEO for many clients, but our favorite client is the locally owned business. It is our desire and passion to help small businesses that operate on the suburb, town, and city level rank for pertinent keyword that their potential customers are looking for.


What’s in it for you?

This is the most pressing question that we answer for clients: the end result is a website that you control ranked at the top for search terms that matter for your business. I can’t get any more specific than that because keywords will change from business to business, as will the difficulty of ranking the website for those terms.


What we do for you.

We cover all your website and social networking bases. We will target two keywords for your website and provide for you a monthly report that shows you what keywords we have targeted and how your website is ranking for those keywords. The report will also include traffic statistics so that you can see how many people are visiting your website every month.


How long does it take to rank a website?

That depends on every part of the equation. A good ballpark figure is anywhere from 60 to 120 days. It can take longer or shorter amounts of time.


How much will that cost me?

Like above, this depends on everything above. What I can tell you about how much we charge is how we charge you. We take an initial payment to set things up and you will pay nothing else until your website is ranked for the terms we identified. Once your website has reached the top three positions for the target keywords we will then begin taking monthly payments of an agreed upon amount.

I still have questions…

We welcome any and all calls and emails that you have for us. We are glad to answer your questions, and we even offer a free consultation. Go to our Contact Us page if you’d like to get in touch.