Welcome to Wicked Innovations

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As the inaugural post to our blog I would like to introduce myself, the webmaster and SEO whiz behind this website and its rankings. My name is Albert Latham and I have been using and working with electronics, computers, and the internet since I was very young. I have taken my passion for technology and learning and funneled it into this website and ten others that I started.

Within the projects section of this website there is a post for each website, explaining where it is for its target keywords and how it got there (to the best of my knowledge-Google doesn’t let on about those things).

I will be keeping the websites anonymous because the end goal of those websites is to help out clients. I will be sharing as much as I can about them, though, so that you can gain a better understanding of our methods. Periodically I will do videos of websites that aren’t ranking so well so you can see what kinds of things we look for as well as what the owner of the website should be looking for in terms of SEO.

I would love to hear your questions and comments below or on any of our social networking pages!

Talk to you soon. :)